Jan. 15th, 2011

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(She promised him this trip as a Christmas present, and after a little preparation, they're finally ready to go and paint the town red. Er, metaphorically, that is.)

“Good morning, Victor – ready to see Wonderland?”
“Very much so, Alice. Though I do have to admit, I’m wondering how we’re going to get there from here. I don’t think there’s any rabbit holes here in Chicago.”
“Maybe not, but you DO have a full-length mirror here in your room. So long as you don’t mind entering the Pale Realm or the Crimson Realm first, we should be fine.”
“Oh, I have no objections to that. But what if whatever keeps this pocket world separate prevents us from going through the looking glass?”
“Then we adjourn to the Nexus – I know I can find my way to Wonderland from there. I just thought it would be more convenient to go directly there from here. There’s no harm in trying, right?”
“None at all. Go ahead, Alice.”
*a moment’s pause*
“. . .Oh my God.”
“What? I thought you read the books.”
“Reading the books and seeing you put your hand through the m-mirror like it was water are two rather d-different things!”
Continued Down The Rabbit Hole )


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