Feb. 10th, 2011

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(Victor's possession by the King of Hearts, The King's trip to the Nexus, Alice learning about this horribleness from Captain John Hart. Takes place the day after the King's Nexus visit.)

Alice sits miserably in her room, holding her PINpoint in her hands and trying not to cry. She can hardly believe she has to do this. But after what she heard from Cheshire, and confirmed via the Caterpillar. . . .

She had no idea it could hurt so much. She hasn't even done it yet, and already her heart feels painfully tight inside her chest. She hadn't realized -- when had he become so important to her? When had the thought of life without him become so -- so terrible? She had been prepared to life her life as a spinster before, hadn't she?

Oh God, she can still remember that ghost of the future, her in a wedding dress and him. . . .

She doesn't want to do this. Or, if she has to, she wants to do it as a message over the PINpoint. But she knows that wouldn't be fair to him. If she's going to do this, she's going to do it in person. "I am a fighter," she tells herself. "I slayed the Jabberwock. I destroyed the Queen of Hearts. I saved Wonderland. I can do this."

But as she stands up and prepares to PINpoint out, she thinks that this is going to be harder than any of that.


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