Feb. 21st, 2014

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I've been meaning to do this for a few days now, but keep getting distracted. . . Anyway, now that I've kicked the whole 'Victor and Alice are getting married' thing off, I figured I'd talk a bit about some of the ideas I have for it:

-->What with Neo and the gang's kind offer, it appears Victor and Doc may be regaining access to their home dimensions! While this won't have that much of an impact on Doc beyond finally being able to see Hill Valley at least one more time. . .

-->It will have an impact on Victor. Since he's cut ties with his home world, he's been in the dark about what precisely happened to the women he left behind. I'm planning on having him find out about Barkis and want to go back to right before he left to make damn sure that, even if he doesn't go home for good, he hasn't abandoned poor Miss Everglot to a murderer. Not entirely sure how that will go yet, although I'm thinking it'll involve Dee since she is a working time machine these days.

-->Related to the above, but iffy on whether or not it'll happen -- Alice learning about Bumby from "Madness Returns" and having a brief worry on whether or not he's a part of HER universe. She didn't have an older sister (perils of being made before the sequel), but her father was still an Oxford Dean. . .

-->Thing I came up with while explaining the whole "Victor's got this annoyingly-semi-famous face in my world" business to April: when asked for a last name by the registrar, I'm thinking I'm going to have Victor blurt out "Brown." Which is going to lead to a lot of introspection on his part. . .and finally, a desire to maybe make it official.
AKA, Doc may be in, some vaguely-legal manner, adopting Victor and Marty.

-->I was thinking summer for the wedding itself, but that depends on muse strength and how these plots go. Any actual ceremony will be in the pocket-verse, with Victor and Alice having gotten their license beforehand.


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