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Alice is feeling a lot more festive than she usually does around this time of year. As such, there are gifts to hand out, if she can:

For John ([ profile] hart_on_sleeve), there's a couple of brightly colored ball ornaments for his tree (or wherever he'd like to put them). Alina gets some candy canes (we'll see if John says anything about them supposed to be striped, as Victorian candy canes were just plain white).

For April ([ profile] slayers_desire), there's a couple of balls of yarn in cheerful colors. Since April makes her own clothes and such, Alice thought that would be appreciated.

For "Nice Wonderland" Hatter ([ profile] strtwearinpurpl), Alice has a hat-shaped teapot. It's actually from her own Hatter's collection, but he was happy enough to part with it once he learned it was going to an alternate of his (aka, a good home).

As for her other friends: Doc's getting what she thinks is a funny pamphlet on the state of technology in her era; Marty's getting the sheet music to "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (she'd like to hear his take on it); and Dee's getting a miniature tea set.

Oh, and Victor? He's getting a promise that he's going to Wonderland in the near future.

And there's always room for a little more generosity, if anyone feels they are deserving (or that they ought to get Alice something :p).


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