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Originally done on my personal LJ, [ profile] docsgirl, reposted here for backstory purposes. (Actually, Alice only did one of these before, but I answered the second one here.)

First, 14 questions Alice answered in-character:

1. What would your character kill for? What would they die for? Well, I've been killing in the name of saving my friends and restoring my sanity. I've come close to death doing that. I know I'd die if it meant saving them. I couldn't -- I couldn’t watch someone else I care about burn die.

2. What would they refuse to do under any circumstances? Why? . . ."Soil my reputation," I suppose. Murder is a non-issue these days, and I can't think of much else I'd refuse to do. But I'm going to be enough of an outcast once I get out of this bloody asylum without adding to things.

3. What do they dream about? [Either literal or figurative, specify please.] Lately my actual dreams have become rather twisted, so let's not talk about them. As for life dreams -- I'd like to get out of Rutledge. Start life over again. I doubt I'll ever meet a man willing to marry me and have children, but that's all right. I'll be content with living on my own, being -- being normal. (Or as close to normal as I can get. True normality seems a bit -- boring -- for me.)

4. What’s their biggest fear? Fire. I -- I can stand a controlled flame, but -- I don't think I'll ever truly be comfortable around anything bigger than a candle. Also, having to spend the rest of my life in an asylum. I hate Rutledge. It's so gloomy and dark and -- awful.

5. What single object would they be most hard pressed to part with? Why? My bunny toy. It's the only thing that survived the flames with me. I don't care how strange it looks for a young girl of eighteen to be carrying it around. It's all I have left of my parents. You'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands to get it away from me.

6. What is their fondest memory? Finding Wonderland for the first time! Granted, that first trip did end up all topsy-turvy, but it was worth it. Wonderland proved to be one of the best inventions of my young mind. No matter what, if I needed a little break from reality, they were there for me. Even the Queen calmed down a little before -- well.

7. What is their worst memory? Oh dear. Waking up from one of the Hatter's tea parties to find the house was on fire, then -- then going down the hall and discovering my parents were --
I assume most of you have played the game or know it somehow – you know already!

8. What or who was were their most significant influence? Expound. Mum, I'd have to say. She taught me all I know about being a proper young lady. Manners, dancing, a little singing. . .yet she wasn't afraid to let me loose in the garden to hunt bugs and look for rabbits. And she encouraged my reading! Most of the neighbors considered books far too weighty for girls, but not she. Dad always said we shared an independent streak a mile wide. She was lovely.

9. What do they believe makes a successful life? Being happy, I suppose. Not going crazy after your parents die and ending up in an asylum for ten years Living well without hurting anyone else.

10. What makes them laugh? Riddles. They don't even have to make sense. I prefer it if they don't make sense. And -- er -- I hate to admit this, but I am a bit ticklish. . . .

11. What are their religious views? We went to church regularly, as was proper. I believe in God and his Son, and Heaven and Hell. I rather have to -- I don't like the thought of my parents just being -- gone forever. I do hope they ended up in Heaven. And I hope their mad daughter isn't going to Hell

12. What is their greatest strength? I suppose my determination. Once I set my mind to a goal, I'll follow it to the end. That's what I'm doing right now. I won't stop until I've stopped the Queen and repaired the damage she's done to Wonderland.

13. Do they have a fatal flaw? If so, what is it? My fear of fire, I suppose. And the pain caused by the loss of my parents. I went catatonic rather than face the world right after. That was the wrong thing to do, I know, but -- I was just shy of eight years old. . . . It was quite disconcerting to wake up and find myself taller, with -- new bits. The wound's still raw, and I doubt it'll ever heal quite all the way.

14. Who is the most important person in their life? My parents are dead -- my doctor? No, I'd have to say the Cheshire Cat. He's stayed with me through thick and thin. And although he's sometimes quite a pain with his riddles and cryptic advice -- it's good to have a friend. Good to have someone I can count on no matter what.

And second, 20 questions about her life that I found rather awkward to answer at times. Since she was, you know, just shy of eight when she went catatonic, and there's a couple of questions about her sex habits. . . .

01.) Full name? Alice Pleasance Liddell

02.) Best friend? The Cheshire Cat

03.) Sexuality? Straight female

04.) Favorite color? Red

05.) Relationship status? Single (Museverse relationship with Victor)

06.) Ideal mate? Someone who loves Wonderland as much as she does, with an equally creative bent and disdain for “pure” normality.

07.) Turn-ons? Intelligence, imagination, the ability to hold one’s own in a friendly scrap

08.) Last sexual experience? Unless one of the staff has been “fooling around” with her at the asylum (which, sadly, is a possibility), she’s never had one. She went catatonic a few months shy of her eighth birthday. Bit young to be having “sexual experiences.”

09.)Favorite food? She’s quite fond of anything salty – pretzels, chips (French fries to us Americans), crackers.

10.)Crushes? Only a schoolyard crush on one of her childhood playmates, Reginald Hargreaves.

11.)Favorite music? The old nursery rhyme tunes, for the most part. She likes listening to stuff like Beethoven sometimes too.

12.)Biggest fear? Never restoring Wonderland to its former glory and thus, never getting out of Rutledge Asylum.

13.)Biggest fantasy? Having a family of her own again, along with her nice Wonderland back.

14.)Quirks in bed? She dominates her partner a bit – definitely likes being on top some of the time. I get the feeling she uses her tongue a lot too.

15.)Bad habits? She’s got a real sarcastic streak in her at times. And a bit of a temper – she tries to refrain from using the knife unless she has to, but she’s perfectly capable of snippy and snooty if she thinks someone deserves it. She’s also not always careful when playing with her “toys.”

16.)Biggest regret? Not waking up in time to save her parents from the fire that killed them.

17.)Best kept secrets? She once hit a boy after church and got away with it. Apparently one of the neighbor children was teasing her about the new hat her mother had gotten her. Alice eventually got mad and slugged him one behind the building. Surprisingly, the boy never tattled on her – she thinks it was because he was embarrassed at being punched by a girl.

18.) Last thought? I’m thinking, “Damn, if only I’d moved that way. . . .”

19.) Worst sexual/romantic experience? When she was six, Alice tried to give her little-kid-crush Reginald a bouquet of flowers. He made fun of her, saying that the boys gave the girls the flowers and so obviously she wanted to be a boy. She ended up hitting him, they scuffled, and both of their parents sent them to their rooms without supper.

20.) Biggest insecurity? That she’s not really good enough to be Wonderland’s “savior.” She thinks the fact she’s had to kill people condemns her to something lesser. That and the fact that she firmly believes that, had she woken up a bit sooner, or done something different, she could have stopped all this.

The Real Alice in Wonderland book

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An indispensable companion book to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and any other creative works based on Lewis Carroll's manuscript.



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